trenches - more trenchy debut ep

EP Description

Calgary based rapper TRENCHES recently released his debut EP “MORE TRENCHY” on August 4. Consisting of four stand-alone tracks: NEVER FALL, POSE, WHITE LAMBO, and, UXBRIDGE FREESTYLE, the EP is a collection of honest reflections and a perfect introduction to the world of TRENCHES. 

“What inspired the EP is... it’s just more of me, it’s basically an introduction of what’s to come and what to expect. Not a lot of people know who I am. So it’s just another perspective of a different yyc artist.”   

The project has a dream-team of collaborators including Nevik, who produced TRENCHES first single “JENI” and worked with Cartel Madras on their 2019 EP “Age of Goonda”, Jean Palliano, Black Magic, Otis Raw, and New Saint, who also help engineered the project. 

 For TRENCHES the intent behind his EP is simple, “I want people to see from my perspective, feel from my perspective, and see where it all derives from. That’s what it means to be from the TRENCHES, showing beauty from the deepest muddiest scenarios.” 

Stream it HERE

Artist Bio:

TRENCHES, aka TRENCHY BOII is an up and coming Canadian Rapper from Calgary, Alberta. He describes himself as “Just a NW YYC kid” with some rhythms he wants to share. He wants people to see, and feel his perspective and allow others to discover where it all derives from, because that’s what it means to be from the TRENCHES; showing beauty from the deepest muddiest scenarios.





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