From Manila to Hong Kong, Buenos Aires to Hamburg, Vancouver to Calgary, the music of New Saint carries influences from cities all over the globe.  A first-generation immigrant and traveler at heart, the artist's work is inspired by his Filipino-Chinese heritage—and growing up everywhere but home.  

He recalls his life by weaving his experiences into catchy yet mindful lyrics, often juxtaposing the culture shock that comes with having to grow up abroad:

"I’ve always used music to teach myself lessons and reflect on my journey as an artist." He aims to use his craft to constantly improve and grow – but what always stays the same is his sincerity behind his projects.

New Saint’s unique blend of R&B/Hip-hop is influenced by his idols Kanye West & Frank Ocean, but his music is also heavily influenced by artists from spanning genres, including David Byrne (Talking Heads), Pavement and Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes). 

He has released one 4-track EP and 10 singles to date, the most successful of which include his 2020 singles “OVER IT” (46K+ Spotify streams) and “FADED” (41K+).  The success of these latest singles and New Saint’s almost 3,000 monthly listeners are signs that his momentum continues to build. He has several features on other artists’ projects in 2020 alone.

New Saint is also a co-founder of the artist collective ZERO FUTURE CLUB. ZFC hosts local artist showcases, industry networking events and is heavily involved in social justice work in the Calgary community. 

He is currently filming and producing the first season of the ZFC Podcast/Vlog, a platform for local creators to showcase and talk about their work.  He is also executive producing for other artists in the ZFC collective on their own projects, in addition to the collective’s first mixtape coming out early 2021.  

Finally, New Saint is currently working to complete his upcoming debut studio project, MODEL MINORITY, due out in 2021.


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